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It’s Crucial People, It’s Crucial.

Origami Esher

Origami Esher (Photo credit: MightyBoyBrian)

So, I’m sitting here at my little minimum wage dealio, thinking this is SUCH a waste of time. I almost want to Jedi mind trick  on these employers on jobs I’ve had my eye on. To wave mysteriously in their line of sight saying in a hypnotizing lull “You will hire me, you will give me the flexible schedule I need, and you will start me off at what I’m worth in potential. ” What about that memory eraser contraption thingy on the movie M I B, Will Smith gets to carry around? A tremor and a flash, then all of a sudden you just tell the person the reality you want them to assume. Here’s another one for ya: The girl on X Men that has the power of persuasion. How flippin awesome would it be to walk in a place and deliver a new idea to the CEO of your choice, shake their hand and have a prestigious job at a hugely successful and organized company. I want instant Gratification people! I’m tired of the cheesy questionnaire that you lie your ass of in. Do they really think I’m going to answer completely honestly? I’m just keeping the kitty warm people.

Its crucial people, its crucial.

Dear Planet That Supports Life,

I don’t need a huge fancy house, Id rather just be comfortable. I don’t want to take over the world, just my small part of it to manage. I don’t need a prince charming, only a gentleman who adores me. I don’t need a thousand acquaintances, just a few friends with good connections.

Does anybody hear me out there? (echo…echo…echo….)